In the heritage district of Angeles City stands an old mansion occupying an entire corner block where jeepneys usually load and unload passengers. It’s easy to notice this ancestral house because of its vintage architectural design but most people who walk by tend to ignore it or maybe they got used to seeing it everyday. Only a few people have actually visited it. Little did we know that there is more to this old house than its timeless design.

It is easy to notice Pamintuan Mansion as it sits on the corner street block and displays its timeless design.

A stone marker posted on the wall indicates the rich history of this house. Not only did politicians once lived here but it was also occupied by famous revolutionary leaders and was made into a headquarters during the war.

This marker gives a brief description on why this mansion is considered a national historical place.

The rooms inside the house suggested luxury and comfort. A huge staircase welcomed guests to the spacious living rooms where vintage furniture, and various woodwork were carefully preserved througout the years. Every detail of this house was mindblowing, from the metal stamped ceilings to meticulously carved wood panelings and huge chandeliers. Some of the big rooms were converted into galleries that showcased different historical and cultural content.

Every room of this house has its own charisma and design. Antique wood work adorned the living rooms and bedrooms.

After touring the rooms, we went to the best part of the mansion. A staircase small enough to accomodate one person at a time, led to the rooftop which gave a picturesque 360 degree view of the streets around including the Holy Rosary Parish. What a best way to end the tour.

The tour ended at the rooftop, the best part of the mansion where a statue stood up the roof.


The Pamintuan Mansion is located in 1251 corner Miranda street and Sto. Entiero  street, Angeles City (just a few meters away from Santo Rosario Parish). The best time to go is in the afternoon to get the best view of the city sunset from the rooftop. Admission is free. It is open daily except on Mondays from 8am to 5pm.

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